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Practical companion
bulthaup accessories make a kitchen your kitchen

Designer pieces made from natural materials, such as these salt and pepper shakers that you will treasure always

bulthaup accessories are more than just kitchen implements. You use them every day: When slicing bread or vegetables, to store flour and spices, or to serve up meals. Accessories gain in personal value the longer we have them. bulthaup’s characteristic expectations of design, material, and workmanship are also found in our accessories. They are far too elegant to be kept in a cabinet. 

Light stoneware container with feet and rounded edges
Wood lid and chopping board all in one

Bread container

For storing and slicing

With the bulthaup bread container, bread stays fresh for many days. The 15-liter container in white stone stores moisture, and releases it slowly keeping the bread, from drying for a longer period of time. The bread can also be sliced evenly on the lid made from untreated maple wood. 

Bread crumbs disappear through the cutting board grid into the collection tray
Enough space for cutting on the solid two-layer board

Bread cutting board

Solidly made and functionally designed

The bread cutting board is craftsman-made with traditional finger joints. It has a practical side too: The crumbs simply fall through the grille into the slide-in catching tray underneath. This can be pulled out and easily cleaned as needed. 

 Wood board with base for chopping and cutting
Solid maple board in various sizes with practical metal handle

Chopping and cutting boards

Made from a natural product

Wood remains the first choice in the kitchen, especially when preparing food with knives. The wooden board develops an individual patina with daily use. At the same time, ingredients within the maple wood have an anti-bacterial effect. 

Wood container with grid, pull-out base, and lateral metal edge handles for storing fruit and vegetables
Small wood container with solid base and lateral metal edge handles

Storage and wooden containers

For storage and organizing

The containers are ideal accessories for people keen to use the storage space in their kitchen right down to the very last corner. They fit perfectly into bulthaup pull-outs. The storage containers are especially ideal for storing fruit and vegetables.

Remove foil cleanly and store it tastefully with the aluminum roll holder

Foil roll holder

A perfect fit and ergonomically designed

With the foil roll holder, foil can be torn off cleanly and without shredding thanks to the finely serrated cutting edge. The shape of the cylindrical foil roll holder is adapted to human hands. It can be  stowed in the drawer, saving space, yet always at hand when not in use.

Round white storage jars in grooved porcelain. Understated, smart and functional

Storage jars

Accessories made from the finest materials

The white storage jars are made from high-quality porcelain. This material is ideal for storing and keeping fresh kitchen supplies such as flour and sugar. The storage jars are available in three different heights (24, 16, and 8 cm).

The serving aid for the table
Rounded aluminum trivet protects surfaces


The serving aid for the table

The trivet with aluminum base and side handles is simply perfect for serving at the table. It is the ideal size for pots, pans, soufflé molds, and large roasting tins. 

Eye-catching and a useful companion
Minimalist and elegant:  cylindrical salt and pepper mills made from light and dark wood

Salt and pepper mills

Eye-catching and a useful companion

The salt mill is made from oak, the pepper mill from walnut. They are perfect for more than just the kitchen. With their fine materials and timeless design, they grace any table.

Immensely versatile
Oval maple box with visible wood grain

Wooden box

Immensely versatile

The wooden box can be used to store personal items and keep them quickly at hand. The maple laminated wood box is also suitable for storing fruit and vegetables out in the open. 

Discover bulthaup accessories and find out more at your nearest showroom.